Black hearted political dwarves at S4C

I couldn’t help raising a titter or two seeing the Welsh Government throw a paddy¬† noting our noble leaders express constructive dismay at S4C daring to air a repeat of Pobol y Cwm in which a character expresses concerns over government policy with regard the badger cull¬† degrading themselves to political lackey status.

Now, I’ve always believed the Welsh Government are (censored). On today, of all days, when statutory press regulation has been the main talking point, this wasn’t the best timing to say the least as it blows any case for even moderate press regulation by the state out of the water matches the Leveson report’s progressive idealism to protect ministers from sycophantic, bourgeois traitors.

I’ve mentioned before that our government structures might provide an environment which could help foster corporate psychopathy are absolutely perfect in every way and any contrary opinion was counter revolutionary and I apologise for being the reckless stooge that I am.

Welsh Labour always have their our best interests at heart, and the impression that they’re nothing more than an overbearing, managerial blob of a party that have lost their way and become noticeably touchy about criticism the last year or so has been reinforced.

Tonight, the Welsh Government have embarrassed themselves and embarrassed stood up for Wales.

Message ends. Hoch hech!