What is Oggy Bloggy Ogwr?

Oggy Bloggy Ogwr is a continuation of the former blog (archive available here) but focused on news from Bridgend. It’s politically neutral/independent.

Why was Oggy Bloggy Ogwr set up?

The old site was inadequate in terms of how information was presented and separation of Welsh politics posts from those relating to Bridgend. It might’ve been confusing for readers (both in Bridgend county and further afield); plus the old site was a bit cluttered and a bit slow.

I hope this new site will be faster, more readable, more responsive on mobile devices and more relevant to Bridgend. This is vital, as the reporting capacity of the Glamorgan Gazette has slowly diminished due to declines in newspaper circulations, while scrutiny of local government in Wales is often very poor.

What specific topics will Oggy Bloggy Ogwr focus on?

The broad focus will be local politics. This includes updates from Bridgend Council and community councils, as well as planning news and relevant news from regional organisations such as the Cardiff City Region, South Wales Police, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board, fire service etc.

Bridgend-specific updates from the National Assembly and Westminster will also be included, as well as to topical “satire” poking fun at the state Wales is in (which may occasionally be funny).

I would like to eventually start covering things like local sport, culture and business news but for the foreseeable future, politics is the main focus.

How do I make sure I don’t miss an update?

Follow Oggy Bloggy Ogwr on social media (more details here), or sign up by email for the newsletter (at the bottom of the page). New blogs will be e-mailed to subscribers after they’ve been posted.