Bridgend Town Council to develop new town hall at Sunnyside

(Title Image: Wales Online)

According to the Independent group running Bridgend Town Council, the council has agreed to plans to relocate from its current offices at Carnegie House on Wyndham Street after agreeing to buy the (soon to be former) Registry Office at Ty’r Ardd at Sunnyside – which will be redeveloped as a new Bridgend Town Hall.

The registry office is set to move to the BCBC Civic Offices on Angel Street at some point shortly. Once the town council has moved, Carnegie House will remain in use as a dedicated arts and cultural centre.

The Ty’r Ardd site has been eyed up for a future phase of the controversial Sunnyside development and a Bridgend Independents statement said the purchase of Ty’r Ardd, “ensures that it is kept in public ownership and safe from developers who might seek to bulldoze the site to make way for yet more unsustainable housing”.

The terms of the agreement and/or sale haven’t been revealed yet.

Subject to confirmation of prospective candidates, two by-elections are set to take place in Bridgend Town Council’s Oldcastle and Newcastle wards respectively after two Labour town councillors – Kate Boucher and Gary Sassoon-Hales – were expelled towards the end of 2019 for failing to attend any meetings for six months.

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