Bridgend Council’s new policy to cut down on “little mistakes”

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Risk assessments and audit in a local authority are hardly the most exciting topics in the world, but it’s part of what goes on behind the scenes to ensure Bridgend Council is run smoothly.

Later this week, BCBC’s Audit Committee will discuss a new plan put forward by officers to ensure the council avoids and learns from “incidents” as well as what is described as “near misses” (pdf) other than those which fall under health and safety.

The new policy outlines some of the risks facing the council which includes, but isn’t limited to (pdf), an inability to meet budgets, failures in decision-making, an inability to meet new legal requirements placed on local authorities, failing to safeguard vulnerable people and dealing with major emergencies.

Under the new policy, the Audit Committee will be presented with an annual report listing incidents and near misses at the council.

Council staff (particularly line managers) will, therefore, have to fill in incident and near miss reports – something which is currently not done. Each incident or near miss will be graded, with the highest-rated incidents being those which will either result in legal action being taken against the council or its employees or loss of services.

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