Town Centre Traffic Plans: Changes made as project takes step forward



De-pedestrianisation of Bridgend town centre has taken a step foward following an informal consultation with groups representing vulnerable or protected characteristic people. The consultation has resulted in some modest changes, due to be discussed by Bridgend Council’s Cabinet next week (pdf).

Four of the six groups consulted – mainly representing the elderly and disabled – were opposed to the changes as they were originally outlined.

Amongst their concerns were that the proposed waiting times in the new parking bays would be too short for blue badge holders, bollards used to separate the road from the pavement could be a trip-hazard for the visually impaired and there would be an increase in air pollution.


The proposal as it was outlined in the original petition.

All of the groups backed the inclusion of pedestrian crossings outside the Job Centre and Wyndham Arms/Spoons, while officers confirmed that traffic would be subject to a 20mph speed limit.

Officers have recommended the following changes to Cabinet:

  • The maximum waiting time in the new parking bays should be increased from 30mins to 1 hour.
  • The design and spacing of bollards at the pavement edge be kept under review.
  • Two pedestrian crossings should be provided.
  • Some measures to reduce the impact of air pollution be considered.

If Cabinet approve (as expected) a detailed design will be undertaken at a cost of £60,000, followed by another public consultation.

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