Taxi fare rise rejected by Bridgend Council cabinet

We finally have official news on taxi fares in Bridgend….though I’ve given it away.

As I said last time, three proposals had been put on the table by taxi drivers/operators to increase taxi fares in the county. The reasons cited included increased costs facing taxi drivers and the fact Bridgend’s taxi fares were set below the Welsh and UK national averages having not been changed since 2011.

In minutes released from last month’s cabinet meeting (pdf), where the issue was discussed (after being postponed a month), the Cabinet decided to reject all of the proposals and maintain taxi fares as they are now – though they were “minded” to increase the contamination fee to £125.

The Head of Regulatory Services is quoted as saying actual costs have decreased on balance while the number of drivers had stayed the same.

The Cabinet is actively considering establishing a “Taxi Forum” as well as exploring ways to properly consult with the trade and public at a future date, so a future rise in fares can’t be ruled out.

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