Details of Brexit public information campaign leaked

(Title Image: Campaign Live)

With only a few weeks to go until the UK leaves the European Union in a graceful and orderly manner, details have emerged of the UK Government’s public information campaign to prepare us for all eventualities.

Putting Chris Grayling in charge, Whitehall turned to the Central Office of Information archives for inspiration (and to save money).


Here, Esther triumphantly throws herself under the wheels of the global automotive industry to make a point about how the Germans need us more than we need them.

Little Boris watches on helplessly as his mate Jacob tries in vain to rescue himself from drowning in a giant vat of horseshit. Maybe this is something they need to start teaching pupils at Eton. Stercus accidit!

Theresa thinks it’s great that the UK will be taking back control of consumer and product safety. Chris from the remedial class will be put in charge of drafting new regulations in consultation with Dow, NestlĂ© and Omni Consumer Products.

Liam – who’s been working hard to ensure frictionless trade with the Faroe Islands and San Marino – brushes off the impact of trade barriers in the event of a “No Deal”. Again, Boris watches on gormlessly, while Nigel has done the right thing: run away to let someone else take the fall whilst making out he’s the victim in all this.

Finally, Michael shows how he will ensure a safe and secure future for farming across the UK.

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