Bridgend set to be host authority for Cardiff City Region “Super Committee”

(Pic: Acorn Recruitment)

Bridgend will be giving £11million+ to the Cardiff City Region, but this could well be the first concrete proposal for something to come back.

The City Region Joint Cabinet has decided that Bridgend should be the host authority for the Capital Region’s Joint Scrutiny Committee (pdf).

The Joint Committee will be responsible for holding the City Region Cabinet to account and will be made up of one backbench councillor from each of the ten local authorities involved. Each local authority will be responsible for appointing (and replacing) their own representative. It’ll also be for each council to decide how long their appointed member serves.

An Appendix to the main report (pdf) says that proposed members should ideally have prior knowledge or experience of sitting on joint committees (such as the one for Coychurch Crematorium) and have some form of professional expertise that’s relevant to the City Region project.

It’ll be down to individual councils to decide whether members of the Joint Committee get paid or not, while BCBC’s procedural rules and code of conduct will apply to meetings and members.

BCBC will be given £25,000 from the City Region budget to establish and host the Joint Committee in the first year, though each local authority  will have to approve the establishment of the Joint Committee and nominate a member before it meets.

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