Bridgend 2017: Who’s standing where?

There are 39 wards in Bridgend and for the first time they’re all being contested, meaning nobody will be elected unopposed.

The finalised list of candidates was released a few weeks ago, but instead of having to trawl through the official notice (pdf), you can trawl through this instead.

Firstly, here’s a list of the councillors standing down (in alphabetical order by party and seat):


  • Independent: Mel Winter (Aberkenfig), Wyn Davies (Caerau), Luke Ellis (Pyle)
  • Labour: David Pugh (Blaengarw), Mike Gregory (Felindre), Gareth Phillips (Oldcastle), Reg Jenkins (Pontycymer), Clive James (Pyle), Pauline James (Pyle), Mel Nott (Sarn), Lyn Morgan (Ynysawdre)
  • Lib Dem: Gerald Davies (Rest Bay)

There are also two vacancies – Megan Butcher (Ind, Cornelly) and David Sage (Lab, Brackla) – both of whom have, sadly, died in the last couple of weeks. Megan was the first mayor of Bridgend County Borough, while David Sage was a former Deputy Leader and leading figure in the local Labour party who had endured ill health for some time.
Due to the large number of Independents standing this year I’ve had to distinguish between them. Those who are standing as part of a mutually-endorsing group (i.e. Change for Bridgend) will be listed as such. Those standing in their own right and not under the banner of any formal or informal group are listed as “Unaffiliated”.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by party then by surname. Incumbent candidates seeking re-election are in italics.

Aberkenfig (1 seat)

  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Lee Robson
  • Labour: Daryl Gordon
  • Plaid Cymru: James Radcliffe

Bettws (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Christian Wallis
  • Labour: Martyn Jones
  • UKIP: Glenda Davies

Blackmill (1 seat)

  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Andrew McKay
  • Labour: Hywel Williams

Blaengarw (1 seat)

  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Sorel Dendy
  • Labour: Gareth Andrews

Brackla (4 seats)

  • Conservative: Tom Giffard, Aniel Pucella, Kay Rowlands, Tyler Walsh
  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Shaun Bastin, Stuart Charles, Nathan Goldsworthy, Marcelle Humphreys
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Jeremy Young
  • Labour: Ciaron Jackson, Craig Jones, Hailey Townsend, John Spanswick
  • Plaid Cymru: Nick Thomas

Bryncethin (1 seat)

  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Luke Richards
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Mark John
  • Labour: Gary Thomas
  • Plaid Cymru: Nick Alderton

Bryncoch (1 seat)

  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Beth Ellis
  • Labour: Janice Lewis
  • Plaid Cymru: Sara Thomas

Bryntirion, Laleston & Merthyr Mawr (2 seats)

  • Conservative: Gordon Lewis, Wayne Warlow
  • Greens: Kathy Lewis
  • Labour: Pam Davies, Ian Griffiths
  • Lib Dems: Cheryl Green, Ian Spiller

Caerau (3 seats)

  • Independent (Llynfi Independents): Phil John, Stephen Smith, Jen Terry
  • Labour: Paul Davies, Gareth Howells, Phil White
  • Plaid Cymru: Kyle Duggan

Cefn Cribwr (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Betty Kettley
  • Labour: Huw David
  • Plaid Cymru: Kevin Burnell

Cefn Glas (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Jamie Evans
  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Paul Warren
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Cleone Westwood
  • Labour: Jon-Paul Blundell

Coity (1 seat)

  • Conservative: James Davies
  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Amanda Williams
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Ella Dodd
  • Labour: Jamil Ramsey

Cornelly (2 seats)

  • Conservative: Rosemary Deere, Mary Emment-Lewis
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Dorian Morgan, Jeff Tildesley, Lopper Wilson
  • Labour: Richard Granville, Gemma Hartnoll

Coychurch Lower (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Louise Barham
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Elaine Venables
  • Labour: Matthew Churchill
  • Lib Dems: Briony Davies
  • Plaid Cymru: Richard Jenkins

Felindre (1 seat)

  • Conservative: John Butcher
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Simon Curwood
  • Labour: Bridie Sedgebeer

Hendre (2 seats)

  • Conservative: Jamie Wallis, Julia Williams
  • Labour: John McCarthy, Richard Williams
  • Plaid Cymru: Vivienne Jenkins

Litchard (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Sadie Vidal
  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Alan Wathan
  • Labour: Cherie Jones

Llangeinor (1 seat)

  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Roz Stirman
  • Labour: Marlene Thomas

Llangewydd & Brynhyfryd (1 seat)
  • Conservative: Claire Lewis
  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Eric Hughes
  • National Front: Adam Lloyd
  • Labour: Charles Smith
  • Lib Dems: Tony Berrow

Llangynwyd (1 seat)

  • Greens: Tom Muller
  • Labour: Elaine Guscott
  • Plaid Cymru: Malcolm James

Maesteg East (2 seats)

  • Independent (Llynfi Independents): Tom Beedle, Keith Edwards
  • Labour: Martin Rose, Mal Reeves
  • Plaid Cymru: Illtyd ap Dafydd

Maesteg West (2 seats)
  • Independent (Llynfi Independents): Dave Evans, Ross Thomas
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Ian Jones, Robert Vincent
  • Labour: Richard Collins, Ceri Reeves
  • Plaid Cymru: Dai Berry, Paula Thomas

Morfa (2 seats)

  • Conservative: Judith Butcher, Tom Overfield
  • Greens: John Evans
  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Steve Bletsoe, Martin Williams
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Peter Foley
  • Labour: Stuart Baldwin, Nicole Burnett

Nantymoel (1 seat)

  • Independent (Unaffiliated): David Owen
  • Labour: Sandy Blackburn

Newcastle (2 seats)

  • Conservative: Craig Lawton, Carolyn Webster
  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Tim Wood, David Unwin
  • Labour: Neelo Farr, David White

Newton (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Ken Watts
  • Independent (Porthcawl Independents): Graham Walter
  • Labour: Will Hingley
  • Lib Dems: Jonathan Pratt

Nottage (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Robert Lee
  • Independent (Porthcawl Independents): Norah Clarke*
  • Labour: Paul Winstanley
*Currently sitting as a Lib Dem

Ogmore Vale (1 seat)

  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Louvain Lake
  • Labour: Dhanisha Patel
  • Plaid Cymru: Richard Shakeshaft

Oldcastle (2 seats)
  • Conservative: Matthew Voisey, Lyn Walters
  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Freya Bletsoe, Rebecca Porter
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Edith Hughes
  • Labour: Angela Morelli, Gary Sassoon-Hales

Pendre (1 seat)
  • Conservative: Kevin Edgar
  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Dean Barrington
  • Labour: Richard Young
  • Lib Dems: Anita Davies

Penprysg (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Alex Williams
  • Labour: Alex Owen
  • Plaid Cymru: Leanne Lewis

Penyfai (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Altaf Hussain
  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Meryl Wilkins
  • Labour: Heidi Bennett
  • Plaid Cymru: Sarah Parry

Pontycymer (1 seat)

  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Claire Walters
  • Labour: Rod Shaw

Porthcawl East Central (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Bobby Lewis
  • Independent (Porthcawl Independents): Brian Jones
  • Labour: Raynor Lewis

Porthcawl West Central (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Alun Thomas
  • Independent (Porthcawl Independents): Sean Aspey
  • Labour: Alana Davies

Pyle (3 seats)

  • Conservative: Phil Barham, David Deere, Ann Lee
  • Labour: Jane Gebbie, Mike Kearn, Stephen Smith
  • Plaid Cymru: Rhys Watkins

Rest Bay (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Caroline Vaughan
  • Green: Alex Harris
  • Independent (Porthcawl Independents): Mike Clarke
  • Labour: John Bunker

Sarn (1 seat)

  • Conservative: Irina Scelkunova
  • Independent (Change for Bridgend): Sally Hyde
  • Labour: David Lewis
  • Plaid Cymru: Nicola Thomas

Ynysawdre (1 seat)

  • Independent (Unaffiliated): Charles Lavis, Haydn Morgan
  • Labour: Fadhel Abelalkarim
  • Plaid Cymru: Tim Thomas

So of the 173 candidates standing:

  • Labour: 54
  • Independents: 53
    • (Change for Bridgend: 23)
    • (Unaffiliated: 18)
    • (Llynfi Independents: 7)
    • (Porthcawl Independents: 5)
  • Conservative: 36
  • Plaid Cymru: 18
  • Lib Dems: 6
  • Greens: 4
  • National Front: 1
  • UKIP: 1