Has developer accidentally revealed future Brackla plans?

(Title Image: via Google Earth)

One of the big housing developers, Persimmon, have applied to create a stockpile compound on land next to the Oakwood View development – located off the roundabout near Shepherds Vet Hospital.

On its own, that’s not very interesting – but they might have inadvertently revealed their future plans for the area, namely the remaining scrubland between Brackla Industrial Estate and the roundabout – all lying within the Coity ward.


(Pic: Persimmon via Bridgend Council)

An outline housing development is to be expected, but the interesting part is the proposed commercial development to the south of the site. You can very clearly see (faded) plans for what appears to be a McDonald’s drive-thru and what looks like a medium-sized supermarket.

Tesco proposed to build a large supermarket at the site in 2002, but the planning application was rejected by the council. I’m fairly sure they submitted a plan a few years later which was withdrawn.

One worth keeping an eye on.

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