Bridgend taxi fare changes held up

If you though the long-running saga of a proposed increase in taxi fares in Bridgend county was over, I’m sure you’re delighted to hear that you’re completely wrong (pdf).

A notice was issued in November 2018 to give people a chance to raise objections to proposed changes (as outlined here). If no objections were raised the proposed fare increase would have come into force on December 3rd.

Obviously, those objections were raised (pdf).

One objection related to incorrect figures provided to Cabinet at their October meeting and the fact that you can’t have a different waiting time rate and click rate due to how taximeters are calibrated – they have to be the same.

Two other objections were from a members of the taxi trade who opposed an increase in fares.

The Cabinet will now have to decide whether to continue with the proposed fare changes as approved last time (using the correct figures), select a different fare structure or retain charges as they currently are.

Officers recommend they introduce new fares (if they agree to do so) by 2nd February 2019 at the latest.

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