Annual Report 2017-18: Bridgend Council “sees improvements”

Here’s a summary of some of the key findings from Bridgend Council’s Annual Report for 2017-18 (pdf).

The report does warn that some of the indicators/statistics used to measure performance compared to other councils in Wales haven’t yet been published.

Where is Bridgend Council doing well?

  • School attendance – Bridgend ranked 5th (of 22) for primary school attendance and 7th for secondary school attendance.
  • 31 apprenticeships were created within BCBC compared to a target of 15.
  • Annual tourist expenditure increased by around £31million compared to 2016-17.
  • There are very high satisfaction rates (85%+) with the care support adults and children receive.
  • 973 people have been helped to “live independently” compared to a target of 200 and 87.7% of people have felt they can now live independently thanks to home adaptations (target 75%).
  • BCBC hit more than twice the target (3%) for a reduction in carbon emissions from BCBC estates.
  • Bridgend ranked 9th in Wales for preventing those threatened with homelessness actually becoming homeless.
  • Bridgend ranked 6th place in Wales for visits to sports and leisure facilities.

Where has Bridgend Council met expectations?

  • The proportion of children living in workless households (14.9%) is only slightly above the Welsh average (13.9%)
  • Only 1.7% of Year 11 school leavers in 2017-18 were not in employment, training or education compared to a target of 2.8%. This is near enough the Welsh average (1.6%).
  • The employment rate (71.3%) is higher than the target (69.7%) though it remains below the Welsh average (72.7%).
  • Footfall has increased in Bridgend town centre but fallen in Porthcawl.
  • The number of vacant town centre premises has broadly remained the same as in 2016-17.
  • 13 community organisations have used packages of support for community asset transfer (target 8), though only 1 asset has actually been transferred compared to a target of 5 (with 6 transfers subject to contract).
  • Staff absence rates have remained broadly the same as 2016-17.
  • BCBC’s response rate to fly-tipping reports (96%) and determination of planning applications (88.2%) were both near enough the Welsh average.

Where is Bridgend Council performing poorly?

  • A-Levels – The average wider points score (695) was much lower than the target (820). This was blamed on A-Level reforms.
  • Only 61.6% of children have been supported to live with their own families by social services compared to a target of 65%.
  • The condition of A, B & C roads ranked poorly compared to the rest of Wales; BCBC intends to spend £6.2million across the next three years to address this.
  • Bridgend was near the bottom (20th) for the number of days taken to deliver Disability Facilities Grants. A review is currently taking place.
  • Bridgend ranked 18th for library visits per 1000 people. New equipment has been installed at libraries to more accurately record visits and a new performance indicator is due to be used for 2018-19.
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