Coronavirus: How Bridgend Council will reopen tips

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Last week, all of Wales’ 22 local authorities agreed to safely reopen recycling centres/tips from next Tuesday (26th May 2020). Tips had closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the Welsh Government recently announced they could reopen.

Earlier this afternoon, Bridgend Council published details on the safe working system at all three sites (Tythegston, Brynmenyn and Maesteg). It won’t be business as usual.

“We anticipate that these temporary measures will need to be in place for several weeks before we can start to look at returning to more normal service.”
– Cabinet Member for Communities, Cllr. Richard Young (Lab, Pendre)

If anyone in your household has shown/is showing symptoms of coronavirus you shouldn’t go.

Opening times

All three sites will be open from 08:30-19:30 on weekdays and 08:30-17:00 at weekends.

Disposal of waste: think ahead, essential trips only

“Please do not take waste to a site that you could otherwise recycle as part of the weekly kerbside collection. There is no limit on how much recycling you can put out, and you can always order additional recycling containers from the council website.”
– Deputy Leader, Cllr. Hywel Williams (Lab, Blackmill)

You should only go to the tips if it’s absolutely necessary and the waste can’t be stored safely at home until lockdown restrictions are lifted. Residents should also consider using the bulky waste collection service if applicable.

It’ll probably be hard to decide who should or shouldn’t be there, but you can probably expect to be in a massive queue if you do go.

Disposal of waste: site rules & safe working

Only cars will be allowed in. No vans, trailers, 4X4s etc. and the permit scheme won’t be available until 29th June 2020.

Cars will be let into the tips a few at a time and only one person will be allowed to leave a vehicle to dump any waste.

All waste needs to be pre-sorted. Staff won’t be allowed to help move items from cars. Anyone who fails to observe social distancing measures or abuses staff will be asked to leave immediately.

Number plate days & traffic management

For the sake of explanation, “last number” literally means the last number. So if your number plate ends with a letter/letters, it’ll be the last number before that.

If the last number on your number plate is EVEN (0,2,4,6,8) you’ll be allowed in on Wednesday 27, Friday 29 and Sunday 31 May, and Tuesday 2, Thursday 4 and Saturday 6 June.

If the last number on your number plate is ODD (1,3,5,7,9) you’ll be allowed in on Tuesday 26, Thursday 28 and Saturday 30 May, and Monday 1 June, Wednesday 3 June, Friday 5 June and Sunday 7 June.

The opening arrangements beyond 7th June will be published in due course.

From June 8th, the odds and evens number plate system has been dropped – so you can go at any time. All other restrictions remain in place.

As for traffic management:

  • Brynmenyn – You’ll be asked to queue along St Theodore’s Way and Chilcott Avenue. You won’t be able to drive straight on to the tip.
  • Tythegston Access will be from the A48 (via Stormy Down) only, there’ll be no access from the A4106 (Porthcawl end). Access restrictions at Tythegston were lifted on 8th June.
  • There’ll be no traffic restrictions in place at the Maesteg site.
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