Bridgend YMCA could be demolished to make way for a car park (update: relocation plans are in the pipeline)

(Title Image: via Google Earth)

Within the last week or so, a planning application has been submitted to demolish Bridgend YMCA on Angel Street and replace it with a 74-space pay-and-display surface car park.

The plans were submitted by developers HD Limited (Hegarty family), who’ve opened several similar small-scale pay-and-display car parks at other sites in Bridgend town centre under the “Simply Park” brand.

The land upon which the YMCA sits was sold to HD Limited in 2010 after plans for a £3million redevelopment of the site – backed by the Welsh Government – never materialised.

The accompanying report (pdf) says the YMCA buildings are “in an extremely poor state of repair….becoming a safety issue and is effectively not fit for purpose”.

The report also acknowledges that the Sunnyside development – as well as the poor view the YMCA offers from “points within the vicinity” (such as HD Limited’s Cae Court boutique hotel on the opposite side of the river, I assume) – has played at least some part in the decision to demolish.

The buildings are, as far as I know, still in use by the YMCA and some local organisations and the interior is better condition than the exterior would suggest – I don’t think anyone would still be using it if it were a genuine danger.

It’s unclear whether these organisations have already made (or been offered) alternative accommodation arrangements and it’s also unclear how much notice they might’ve had of this application.

Update: 16th August 2019: The YMCA have released a statement saying they’re in the process of shortlisting sites for a future relocation. Other than that, it’s business as usual.

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