Elder Yard set for its first tenant?

 (Pic: Watts & Morgan)

After laying empty for several years, the Grade II listed Elder Yard Cottages site in Bridgend Town Centre could be on its way to securing a tenant.

The building was extensively renovated by HD Ltd as part of a wider regeneration of Bridgend town centre – backed by the Heritage Lottery Fund – between 2010-2015.

A planning application was recently submitted which proposes internal alterations to the building allowing it to be turned into a restaurant.

This could all be speculation as such applications are made all the time and doesn’t guarantee an end result. However, the application is very specific and includes a traditional pizza oven as well as a room for parties.

 (Pic: C2J Architects)

Putting my deerstalker hat on for a moment, I think that might suggest a pizzaria of some sort.

As for who might be taking it over, that’s unclear – as said this could just be a speculative application – but the building is still being listed by Watts & Morgan for a pretty hefty £2,900-per-month rent.

That’s a lot of pizza.

For all the (sometimes justified) criticism about Bridgend’s shopping offer, the town does have an increasingly wide variety of relatively high-quality restaurants, bars and night-time entertainment – something that may be becoming one of the town’s big selling points.